Qeelin: A love affair with the Petite Wulu Pink Opal Collection

Qeelin puts a dreamy, romantic spin on its iconic Wulu silhouette with the new Petite Wulu Pink Opal Collection

Qeelin Petite Wulu Pink Opal Collection. Photo: Qeelin

With its warm colour tone, delicate texture and ceramic-like lustre, the pink opal is a natural choice when it comes to creating elegant, feminine jewellery pieces. But it’s the rare

and mysterious stone’s unique symbolism that makes it a perfect addition to Qeelin’s iconic Wulu collection.

Long associated with feelings of love and the blessings of wealth, the pink opal is said to help those who wear it realise their dreams, connect with others and attract good relationships. Legend has it that even Cupid’s arrow was made out of the precious stone.

Qeelin’s Petite Wulu Pink Opal Collection. Photo: Qeelin

Qeelin’s newly launched Petite Wulu Pink Opal Collection features the pink opal in the shape of the auspicious Chinese gourd, surrounded by dazzling diamonds set in rose gold. Each necklace and bracelet comes with a rose gold chain embellished on both sides with a diamond, showcasing the brand’s expertise and craftsmanship when it comes to dainty designs.

The reinterpretation of the classic Qeelin design not only gives the wearer bouts of positive energy but also makes each moment it is worn all the more memorable. Whether for yourself or a loved one, the Petite Wulu Pink Opal Collection is the perfect gift and the ultimate expression of sweet romance. As with all Qeelin creations, it brings a touch of playfulness and surprise into the world of fine jewellery.

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