Bring a pop of colour and some virtual assistant sassiness into the home

Living in one of the world’s busiest cities – where would we be if we didn’t have our nifty gadgets and fun virtual assistants to keep our calendar or help loop our playlist? Well, we’ll most likely still be able to attend our meetings and hear our favourite songs, but the process wouldn’t be as fun and seamless. Here, we ask three athletes to have a bit of fun with Apple’s sass queen, Siri.

Anisha Thai

Hong Kong dance phenomenon Anisha Thai knows a thing or two when it comes to bringing the sass. Being a movement artist, all Thai requires is a mean song to get her going and and an effective alarm clock to get her day going.

Cecilia Yeung

Hong Kong Olympian high jumper Cecilia Yeung is all charm and discipline. But beyond the seriousness, she shows off her quirky and fun side during downtime.

Luk Chun-yin

Mobility is crucial to Hong Kong’s top skateboard athlete Luk Chun-yin, better known as Chun Chai by his followers, and wherever he goes, it’s not just his moves that are cool but also the company he keeps.

Featured in the videos is the newly released Apple Homepod Mini, available in five colours.

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