Adrian Cheng partners with UNICEF on Covid efforts

Adrian Cheng, CEO of New World Development (NWD), announced his plans to support the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), to which his organisation will be providing vulnerable children and young people around the world with essential safety and sanitation materials to combat the virus. UNICEF works actively across 190 countries.

As part of his most recent initiative, Cheng will donate 500,000 masks to UNICEF, which will be distributed to children most in need, including those in refugee camps and communities. The masks will also reach health workers short of protective gear.

“Our ecosystem at New World Development places a great emphasis on education and healthcare, bringing to the forefront the importance of creating shared value across communities worldwide. I hope this donation will play a role in giving youth refugees the health protection they desperately need at this challenging time.”

Adrian Cheng, CEO

This is only one of Cheng’s many efforts to combat Covid-19 worldwide. In January this year, NWD set up a $7 million fund and donated more than 3 million medical face masks to fight the spread across Greater China. The following month, the group donated over $1.2 million to establish a “community anti- epidemic fund” in Hong Kong.

To date, Cheng, through NWD, has generated over 2 million masks and 10,000 preventative kits containing medical face masks, hand sanitizer gels and sanitizing wipes, all of which have been distributed to low-income families throughout Hong Kong.

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