La Prairie’s encounter of art, science and aesthetics- THE COBALT NIGHT

La Prairie teams up with French digital artist Maotik to create an immersive artistic experience inspired by beauty

Swiss skincare brand La Prairie marks the launch of its latest addition to the Skin Caviar range with an exhibition that celebrates the marriage between science and artistry. The new Skin Caviar Nighttime Oil and the signature shade that is La Prairie’s Cobalt Blue is the inspiration behind this artistic display.

This digital installation will be featured in The Cobalt Night exhibition in Hong Kong from 9-12 October 2021. Its display invites visitors to immerse in the experience to get a sense of its richness and uniqueness. Maotik’s art resonates with La Prairie’s vision of blending science with artistry. A leading figure in digital art, he mingles technological innovation with his interpretation of beauty to create immersive and interactive works of art.

“Art and science are fundamental notions within my work. By using new technologies and experimenting with them, I am able to combine different media together, giving me the possibility to explore new artistic languages with limitless prospects,” says Maotik.

Skin Caviar Nighttime Oil – La Prairie’s latest addition to the Skin Caviar Nighttime Ritual. 
Photo: La Prairie

New to La Prairie’s cobalt blue coloured Skin Caviar range, luxurious Caviar is at the heart of the formulation of the new Skin Caviar Nighttime Oil. The rare and exclusive new ingredient- Caviar Retinol is composed of caviar lipids and caviar-derived retinol, which is known to be extremely difficult to capture and retain. This ingredient is infused in the Skin Caviar Nighttime Oil and works with the skin’s natural circadian rhythms to counteract the effects of ageing, revealing line-smoothing benefits beyond lifting and firming, over the night.

La Prairie Skin Caviar Nighttime Oil rounds out the Skin Caviar collection.
Photo: La Prairie

The new Skin Caviar Nighttime Oil perfects and completes the Skin Caviar Nighttime Ritual. Apply Skin Caviar Nighttime Oil as the last gesture following Skin Caviar Essence-in-Lotion and Skin Caviar Liquid Lift to uncrease, firm and seal for the overnight indulgence. 

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The Cobalt Night Exhibition
Date: October 9-12
Time: 11:00-20:00
Location: 5/F Pedder Building, Central

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