Panerai announces Beautiful Destinations’ Jeremy Jauncey as new brand ambassador

Photo: Panerai

As a driving force in sustainable watchmaking, it is no surprise that the Italian watchmaker Panerai has chosen Jeremy Jauncey as their newest ambassador. 

Since its start in 1860 supplying the Italian Navy and divers with expertly crafted timepieces, Panerai has pushed the limits of horological engineering to find more environmentally conscious ways to design their watches. 

Photo: Panerai

But it’s not just talk. Just this year, Panerai released the Submersible eLAB-ID, which broke records as the first watch to be constructed of 98.6% recycle-based materials by weight. Adding on to that, the brand recently announced the creation of a steel-alloy made of 100% recycled-based materials called eSteel. 

With the company’s devotion to the environment, Jauncey, the founder and CEO of Beautiful Destination, will fit right in. Founded in 2012, Beautiful Destinations is an award-winning strategy and creative agency for travel businesses working with major clients like Marriott, Hilton, and the Egypt Tourism Authority. 

Photo: Panerai

And just like Panerai, he’s serious about the environment. The 34-year-old has used his brand platform (which has a staggering 30 million followers on social media) to promote responsible travel for tourists and the places they visit. Outside of his company, Jauncey was also an ambassador for the World Wildlife Fund and 

“Environmental degradation is among the most critical challenges imaginable… Jeremy is at the forefront of contending with the same issues in the travel sphere and he is a global citizen in the very best sense. We look forward to bringing together our respective know-how to create products and systems and that will change the world for the better.” 

Jean-Marc Pontroué, Panerai CEO
Photo: Panerai

In keeping with his mission to help the environment, Jauncey can be seen wearing the Luminor Marina eSteel watch, a watch made of mostly recycled eSteel materials, in Panerai’s new global ambassador pictures. 

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