Graff: Tribal Collection brings brilliance to ‘Les Extraordinaires’ Asia Travelling Exhibition

New high jewellery additions to the Graff Tribal collection captivate with a sensational display of yellow and white diamonds and are set to make their way to the ‘Les Extraordinaires’ Asia Travelling Exhibition at the jeweller’s Central flagship

Graff Tribal Collection Sun + Moon necklace. Photo: Graff

Adding to its sensational Graff Tribal collection that draws inspiration from the celestial world, renowned luxury jeweller Graff stuns with a breathtaking high jewellery necklace that captures the blazing sparkle of 56 carats of fancy yellow diamonds. 

Drawing upon the fable of the girl who created the stars, the Graff Tribal collection is a manifestation of the night sky expressed with precious gemstones in the form of high jewellery necklaces, rings and earrings. Taking on tribal motifs, the series highlights the sparkle of white and yellow diamonds and the rich hues of emeralds. 

In this latest iteration of the tribal theme, the jeweller unveils the Sun + Moon suite of necklace and earrings. At the heart of this Graff Tribal High Jewellery Collection, the magnificent necklace is set with a collection of pear-shaped fancy yellow diamonds weighing more than 56 carats. White diamonds in a mix of cuts sparkle alongside the radiant pear-shaped stones. The necklace is a burst of brilliance that captures the radiance and romance of the moon.

The Graff Tribal collection Sun + Moon necklace features yellow and white diamonds in a variety of shapes. Photo: Graff

According to Anne-Eva Geffroy, design director at Graff, there is perhaps no better way to express this ode to nature than with gemstones, Mother Earth’s most precious gifts. “We all live under one sky, and the sunrise, sunset and phases of the moon are all witnessed with unerring regularity, wherever we are in the world. The Tribal collection revisits these elemental symbols – ageless motifs that connect us with nature and our roots.” 

Pieces from the Graff Tribal collection including the Night Moon and New Dawn necklaces will be among those making their way to Graff’s Central flagship in Hong Kong as part of the jewellers’ ‘Les Extraordinaires’ Asia Travelling Exhibition this October.

This third edition of the exhibition will see a number of creations debut in Asia for the first time. Sensational designs created by Graff’s artisans in its London workshop include several D colour flawless white diamond rings along with a collection of fancy coloured diamonds. Among the highlights include an emerald cut diamond bangle set with a 38.13-carat emerald-cut fancy intense yellow diamond. 

Pieces from the Threads high jewellery collection, too, will be showcased, including an emerald and diamond set of bracelets, ring and chandelier earrings. 

The pieces will be in Hong Kong from October 6 to 16 before travelling to Shanghai, Beijing and Taipei. 

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