K11 Artus: No place like home

K11 ARTUS offers a warm, design-led environment for long-stay residents seeking inspiration for life through works of art

Daytime panorama. Photo: K11 Artus

When it comes to choosing a place to live, even on a temporary basis, there’s nothing more important than experiencing the sense of coming home. Just ask one of the long-stay residents at K11 ARTUS, who has been living in the luxury Hong Kong residence since January 2020. “When my wife and I were looking at places to live in Hong Kong, K11 ARTUS stood out for us,” he says. “The combination of the space, the view, the people, it just made us feel like this could be a good home for us.”

The Living Room. Photo: K11 Artus

Situated in the heart of the Victoria Dockside cultural-retail destination, K11 ARTUS features 287 residences from studios to three-bedroom penthouses with a fully equipped kitchen, combined washing machine and dryer, inspiring artisanal details and interior decor.

Residents are also welcome to enjoy the inviting salon living spaces, outdoor infinity pool and 24-hour gym, and a range of specially planned activities. But what truly sets K11 ARTUS apart is its thoughtful and considerate staff or “Artisans”.

The Library overhead. Photo: K11 Artus

“What comes with home is a sense of security,” adds the resident. “Everybody who takes care of us, they’re professional. When we have a need or a challenge, even if it’s the smallest little thing, they’re right there accommodating.” The Artisans also make a point to celebrate residents’ birthdays and special holidays from their home country, which was particularly meaningful for one expat living at K11 ARTUS on his own. “Being in Hong Kong by myself, birthdays can be a bit depressing,” he says. “And waking up on my birthday with the nicest chocolate cake I’ve eaten in my life and a little card from the staff was just very, very nice.”

Interior of one of the residences. Photo: K11 Artus

It’s gestures like these that make residents of K11 ARTUS feel a sense of connection and belonging in their adopted home. “We’re away from our family. And we’re not able to get home as easily as we thought we might be able to,” explains the resident, who relocated with his wife from the US. “Fourth of July in the United States, they gave us something here. Other little things like small treats they’ll give us at Mid-Autumn Festival make us feel very welcomed and that people care about us being here.”

For one resident, whose stay lasted six months, there’s nowhere else that can compare to K11 ARTUS when it comes to the level of comfort, class and hospitality. “I define a home as a place where one can feel connected with themselves, whether it’s through the environment or the people around them,” he says, echoing K11 ARTUS’ own expression of luxury. “To be comfortable enough to cherish the moments you have in them while being inspired to live for more of these experiences.”

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