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A multimedia creative rooted in Hong Kong, Tedman Lee is a connoisseur of music and fashion who oversees an array of projects from directing music and concept videos to DJing, event hosting and being the mastermind behind The Private Label clothing brand. We recently caught up with Tedman to find out more about his perceptions as an independent artist and visionary.

What has 2020 taught you?

I’ve learned to find things that make you feel good and comfortable despite difficult times.

As a creative who wears many hats, how do you delegate time evenly between all your projects?

To me, all the different things that I do are related. It’s all coming from the same approach and meaning to myself and just applying it to other platforms or ‘canvases’, as I like to call it.

As far as delegating time, the creative process can be endless because ideas can keep flowing and there’s always a way to improve on a concept or execute things in a better way. Hence, you really need to set a deadline for each project at a certain point and make sure you bring out the best within that timeline.

What do you think are important qualities every entrepreneur should possess?

Love and dedication. 

Do you believe in work-life balance?

Yes, and no. I think that if you enjoy your work, then it’s perfectly fine because it’s part of your life. Personally, you’ve just got to find that perfect balance between doing commercial and personal projects that you want to showcase. 

In these unprecedented times, how are you staying focused?

You’ve got to treasure what you already have and keep on building. The more you do, the more you stay focused.

In what forms are you bringing your passion for music alive in the new year?

I’ve started a monthly playlist called Private Radio: Stay Home Music on Spotify since February 2020 – that’s been my way of sharing new music to others now that clubs and parties are on an indefinite pause. 

What tracks have been keeping you in a good mood lately? 

I have another playlist called Private Radio: Stress No More, a selection of jazz, afrobeat, and funky grooves from around the world that keeps the mood and energy up. It’s great for kicking it and doing routine chores around the apartment. 

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