Restyle your existing wardrobe with Denise Ho and Kitdo

The fashion industry generates 92 million tons of textile waste each year. Even though high street brands are now taking greater steps towards sustainability, the industry is still expected to account for at least 50% of the world’s carbon emissions by 2030. 

So, does keeping up with trends now mean having to always make a choice between ethics and good style?

Photo: Denise Ho

Denise Ho, veteran Hong Kong-based stylist and former creative of upcycled fashion company, The R Collective, says no. And she would know – she’s spent 20 years styling covers and campaigns for top fashion magazines, companies and celebrities. From there, she began working with sustainable fashion brands and NGOs to design environmentally conscious garments that follow zero-waste and upcycling techniques.

Ho’s new Kickstarter campaign promotes her solution to reducing the cycle of waste and compulsive buying. Her creation, Kitdo, is an accessory that can restyle one item of clothing into 10 more items of clothing. What’s more, it is consciously-produced and beautifully designed.

Inspired by natural hag stones, it is individually crafted with lightweight aluminium and plated with a durable PVD alloy coating.

How does it work? Kitdo consists of two magnets that bond fabrics together without altering the integrity of the textile or putting holes in them. It changes the fit, texture and volume of your existing pieces using various techniques:

  • Looping your fabrics through, creating folds and pleats in new places
  • Double Looping: Pulling the hem through the two separate pieces to create two knots
  • Bonding: Using the magnets to bond fabrics together without stitches or pins, adding layers or creating interesting shapes and textures
  • Cinching: Looping the hem through the whole of Kitdo to create a knot
  • Wearing Kitdo like a brooch to show off its high-shine metal as a feature

Want to be one of the first to try Kitdo? Its Kickstarter campaign will run from 10 May to 10 July 2021 and is available in gold or silver to match both warm and cool-tone outfits.

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