Clic-Clac: A rebellious symbol of allure from Henry Jacques

If you are avid perfume collectors, you should not miss Henry Jacques’s accessory Clic-Clac

Clic-Clac in different materials. Photo: Henry Jacques

As a French haute perfumer, Henry Jacques combines superb olfactory signatures, sumptuous ingredients and know-how under a non-compromise philosophy, infusing perfumes with a soul.

Following the opening of a new boutique in Hong Kong this year, Henry Jacques unveils a sophisticated contemporary accessory– Clic-Clac. The case is designed to house any of the 50 interchangeable Les Classiques scents solid perfumes. Clic-Clac is made with materials such as titanium, carbon and gold. With such a charming appearance, the trinket is as beautiful as it is handy.

Gold Clic-Clac. Photo: Henry Jacques

Henry Jacques utilised Swiss watchmaking technology, integrating technical skills into perfecting the mechanism of the solid perfume case. The result is a beautiful objet d’art four years in the making.

“The creation of this object quickly transported us and overwhelmed us, surpassing all our expectations,” said Anne-Lise Cremona, the CEO of Henry Jacques. “Addictive for us, and fascinating for others, the Clic-Clac responds to the need of an era and a generation – a powerful response to something clearly lacking today.”

Clic-Clac as everyday objects and lucky charms. Photo: Henry Jacques

Clic-Clac represents a new mark of allure, blending an element of surprise with functionality.

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