6 rising Asian fashion photographers to follow on Instagram

With Asia steadily holding its place as the fastest-growing region in the world, we shine the spotlight on the next generation of Asian fashion photographers that deserve a spot on your feed.

Ryan Tandya, Indonesia

Photo: @ryantandya/Instagram

Ryan Tandya has an eye for theatrics that he expresses through elaborate sets, while showing a preference for voluminous garments that build on these larger-than-life characters. He has an innate talent for finding the balance between overcrowding the image and going too minimal.

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Sharon Angelia, Indonesia

Photo: @sharonangelia/Instagram

There’s an element of intimacy and easiness to whatever subject Sharon Angelia photographs. Based in Bali, Indonesia, she takes full advantage of the beautiful sunsets along reclused beaches. We love how Angelia offers us a concept of beauty that is a bit lived-in and honest. In her own words, she explains that she is fascinated by the world’s imperfections and incomplete things.

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Koji Arboleda, Philippines 

Photo: @kojiarboleda/Instagram

Koji Arboleda views himself as a minimalist, which is evident in his work that reflects his fashion sense. Arboleda’s vision focuses on subtleties to build layers in his narrative choice in an era where we often receive loud visuals and information. Nothing about his imagery is ever noisy. He often finds ways to embed little quirks in his photos to evoke a sense of freshness to something simple.

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Kenneth Lam, Hong Kong

Photo: @kenlams/Instagram

Kenneth Lam is a multi-disciplinary artist who works in the areas of photography, film and writing. As a photographer, his interests lie in both portraiture and still-life, while bringing a contemporary spin on his view of Chinese culture. “Shooting in still-life is my favourite thing to do. I like telling stories through symbolism, personal objects and Chinese iconography. It’s an abstract way of telling a story,” he explains.

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Point Studio, Hong Kong

Photo: @point.hk/Instagram

Gary Tam, Victor Wong and Ip Siu are the core members of the art collective, Point Studio, which specialises in set design, art direction, and photography on both the commercial and editorial side. Through an experimental style, they often attempt to create storylines with newness through abstract elements and large-scale setups.  

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Harry Chan, Hong Kong

hal studio
Photo: @halstudio.hk/Instagram

Trained initially in film, Harry Chan is now dedicating his attention towards still-life photography. Heavily influenced by advertisements from the ’60s to ’80s with in-your-face impact, he brings this hyper closeup style to the way he shoots, allowing viewers to see the subject with fresh eyes.

Follow Harry Chan on Instagram @halstudio.hk

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