The Genaissance de la Mer anniversary party

What: La Mer celebrates the third anniversary of Genaissance de la Mer

Where: Pierre, Mandarin Oriental, Central, Hong Kong

When: Thursday, November 1, 2018 

In celebration of the third anniversary of Genaissance de la mer, celebrities Cissy Wang, Elly Lam, Alison Chan-El Azar, Feiping Chang-Li, Rene Chu, Antonia Li and more attended the exclusive dinner at the two-Michelin starred restaurant, Pierre, Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong. 

Themed with “A Timeless Phenomenon”, luxurious gold embellishments and divine crystals powered by Crystal Miracle Broth were seen in the event. Korea’s top a cappella group, Subin of Maytree and famous Metro Vocal Group from the United States also performed in celebration of the collection. 

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