A Ralph Lauren throwback: Polo Hi Tech is back

Ralph Lauren was doing athleisure long before it even became a thing. Timing is everything and the legendary brand is bringing back their Polo Hi Tech collection after 26 years and it couldn’t be any more relevant. Hi Tech was created in the 90’s as a Polo Sports line catering for the all-American outdoor, sporty types. No matter which way you look at it, the designs are definitely ‘of the moment’ with Ralph Lauren’s bold colour blocking, preppy Ivy League details, touches of an American flag here and there and of course the distinctive “POLO” logo.

The 90’s revival is here to stay and it’s no surprise why. I can personally attest to that since I was there and it was really happening! The bold colours and graphics are exactly where current sports and street style trends are going right now, making it the perfect time to bring Polo Hi Tech back.

Functional and stylish pieces everyone will want to wear

It’s not just the Polo High Tech collection that they’ve decided to give a facelift. In fact, Ralph Lauren’s archives is full of multiple labels, which date back over 50 years and take various forms under different collections. That’s a huge amount of looks and designs in the Ralph Lauren vault. Ralph Lauren’s revival from the 90’s actually started with the brand’s iconic Stadium Collection, followed by the recent Snow Beach collection which was a huge hit. The Polo Hi Tech will undoubtedly be the next big thing on every fashionista, rapper and fitness influencer’s Instagram feed.

It’ll definitely be on my own Instagram too, of course. And yes you can call me a “Lo Head”, because there’s no shame to be dressed head-to-toe in Ralph Lauren. The Polo look is timeless.

The Polo Hi Tech collection has plenty of looks for men, women and kids. It features performance-driven cargo pants, popover rugby shirts and sweatshirts emblazoned with graphics that reference the original collection. All the details and fit are on point — here’s to welcoming back the 90’s! 

See the collection and shop on ralphlauren.asia

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