Dream weaver: Qeelin adds new styles to its iconic Yu Yi range

Qeelin introduces two new styles to its iconic Yu Yi range with embroidery-inspired Yu Yi Lace in rose gold with diamonds and rubies, and Petite Yu Yi in rose gold with diamonds, jade and red agate

Known for combining modern design philosophies and ancient Chinese mythology, fine jewellery brand Qeelin has always delighted customers with its unique and iconic creations. Now it continues its trendsetting tradition with two new takes on its Yu Yi range, first introduced in 2009 and inspired by the “longevity lock”.

A model sports a selection of pieces from the Yu Yi collection (Photo: Qeelin)

Also known as a Ruyi Lock or Lock of Good Wishes, the longevity lock has been a popular Chinese protective talisman from time immemorial. Originally used as a gift for newborns, the lock was oftentimes carved with blessings of long life, wealth and honour, and used as a means to ward off evil and bring peace and protection.

“To gift a Ruyi Lock is to wish well on someone,” explains Qeelin founder and creative director Dennis Chan, who has sought to decipher the accessory’s various meanings as captured in its artistic cloud iconography. “More than that, the lock can represent values of commitment, promise, memory, health and friendship. This is why Yu Yi is Oeelin’s most romantic collection.”

Now, Yu Yi Lace takes the symbolism of the Ruyi Lock and imparts it with a new artistry inspired by Chinese embroidery. The intricately crafted pieces are woven from rose gold and adorned with dazzling diamonds while Yu Yi Lace Couture features the addition of brilliant red rubies.

Yu Yi Lace Couture bangle in 18K rose gold with diamonds and rubies (Photo: Qeelin)

“Chinese embroidery is renowned throughout the world. Over time, it has evolved and this latest collection is testament to the versatility of this art form,” Chan says. “Delving into details, it reveals another Yu Yi inside the Yu Yi. This is the essence of Chinese embroidery. The Yu Yi Lace Couture with its gorgeous red rubies interwoven into jewellery embroidery really takes it up to a whole new level.”

Including a bracelet, earrings and three necklace sizes, Yu Yi Lace is designed to eschew the old tradition of wearing just one necklace. Pieces can be dressed up or down, or layered with other favourite necklaces. Yu Yi Lace Couture, meanwhile, showcases even more intricate embroidery-inspired designs with a necklace, bangle and earrings, each limited to 28 pieces worldwide.

Another favourite version of the Yu Yi range is Petite Yu Yi with its scaled-down necklace, bracelet and rings. Designed for daily wear, the versatile pieces are an essential part of any jewellery collection. Not only do they make the wearer feel blessed and fortunate, the Petite Yu Yi pieces are also enhanced with the protective power of jade. Options include the necklace and bracelet in rose gold with diamonds and jade, and the ring in rose gold with diamonds and jade or red agate.

Yu Yi Lace bracelet in 18K rose gold with diamonds (Photo: Qeelin)

With a name that derives from the popular Chinese saying “may all your wishes come true”, Yu Yi is more than a modern interpretation of an ancient accessory. It’s a symbol of luck, love and a life well lived.

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