5 things to know about the BLACKPINK five-year anniversary

Having set two Guinness World Records and broken three for most-viewed music videos, Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa have much to celebrate, among many other accolades accumulated over their nearly five year history as BLACKPINK

Now Korea’s foremost K-pop girl group is gearing up to commemorate their fifth anniversary in a big way. Here’s what to know about about the highly anticipated release:

The anniversary production is a special gift from the supergroup to its fans

With five as the theme of the anniversary, fans are no doubt readying themselves for each of the project’s releases which will be gradually announced online through the “4+1 Project” website. The project in totality is both a virtual destination and a gift from the group to the Blink fandom to enjoy the group’s passion and charm together, says YG Entertainment.

It all starts on 8 August

The first drop of the “4+1 PROJECT” kicked off on June 23 with a YouTube announcement video teasing the new anniversary film, BLACKPINK THE MOVIE, and an accompanying movie poster to boot. BLACKPINK THE MOVIE comes to screens on August 8, marking the date of the group’s debut in 2016. 


Lighting up your screen with special footage

Considering the incredible reception the group has enjoyed with its first film, LIGHT UP THE SKY, and the ever-popular global livestream concerts, it’s easy to see why the five-year anni would include a film-related element. 

BLACKPINK THE MOVIE brings all those monumental moments together and more as “the four members [take] a trip down memory lane,” says YG Entertainment. Blinks can expect plenty of visuals from photos, unreleased special interviews and sequences focused on each of the idols, and re-edited versions of previous popular live concerts including THE SHOW and IN YOUR AREA.

It will be a multi-sensory theatrical experience 

Available on ScreenX, 4DX and 4DX with ScreenX formats, this won’t be just any filmgoing experience. With ScreenX, the film will be played in a panoramic format that is presented on an expanded, three-screen system that surrounds the walls of the theatre and viewers to provide a vivid and immersive watching experience, while 4DX utilises 3D technology, incorporating the on-screen visuals with sychronised effects such as moving seats, water, wind, fog and scent to enhance the on-screen action. Then there’s 4DX with Screen X, a convergence of both ScreenX and 4DX, for a movie-going setting that pushes the boundaries of audio and visual.

With viewings in 100 countries, it’s BLACKPINK in your area

The film will premiere first in South Korea’s CGV cinemas before heading to 100 countries around the world with specific release dates for each location. Regional screening dates will be announced on the five-year anniversary website and tickets will be available starting June 30 through the official website.

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