#legendasks: How to create a floral self-care sanctuary at home

Here comes the season for showing appreciation and self-care. Pale-pink and white flowers paired with fresh linen in muted colours make the perfect match for February’s tender mood

A home is more than just a roof over your head; it should also be a haven that offers nurture, care and love. And as we live in this time where much is uncertain, it’s important as ever that we harness that peace and comfort in a place we increasingly spend more time in – home.

Here, we ask Jess Piatigorsky, creative director of The Floristry, on how to transform your home into the perfect self-care sanctuary this season.

What are your go-to self-care tools?

JP: Candles, incense & fresh flowers all create the perfect ambience at home. We’re cleansing our spaces with Sage Smudge Sticks and Palo Santo to clear the energy for the new year ahead. Meanwhile, we’re burning natural Beeswax Candles to invigorate and clean the air naturally. 

How do you create a soft and relaxing environment in which to unwind?

JP: Create corners of comfort: place a textured throw over an armchair, a flower jar and coffee cup on the side table; light a candle, and relax. Invite colour and texture into the home through seasonal fruits and flowers, rustic woven baskets and naturally dyed soft linens. Show consideration with a pared-back tablescape. From wooden bowls to soy-wax candles – choose beautiful objects, lovingly made by hand.

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How to celebrate the season of love at home?

JP: Embrace the season of love with our Valentine’s Collection. An edit of wild flower jars, natural soaps and scents, and thoughtfully made homeware – perfect for showing your partner, your friends and (of course) yourself some well-deserved appreciation.

What are some flower picks for creating a calm and relaxing atmosphere?

Photo: The Floristry

JP: Flowers in muted shades of pink and white are our favourites this time of year. Soft, sensual and a gentle reminder to take of yourself. Roses for a nod to Valentine’s, freesias for their heavenly scent and Ranunculus for their wild unfurling petals. Magic hour – pale pink and white reminiscent of the sky at dusk, this bunch is inspired by our favourite time of day. Something truly magic, an hour of calm, of benevolence, of grace. For some Valentine’s love, lovers isle or wild hearts.

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