Indulge your way into 2022: 7 gifts for self-care

2022 is finally here. After a year of hard work, it’s time to treat yourself. From scented candles to spas, here are seven gifts to recharge yourself and prepare you for the new year

Reflections Copenhagen scented candle

Reflections Copenhagen – Sofie Home Scent. Photo: Reflections Copenhagen

Aromatherapy has become a way of increasing the pleasures of life. Someone says the air in Copenhagen is full of the smell of art and design, so it comes as no surprise that this home scented candle illustrates a perfect combination of function and art. The container is made from 100 per cent crystal while the candle is made in France – with the fragrance of figs. This treat is sure to elevate your living space and make the home cosy.

Seletti vase

Seletti – Love in Bloom Giant. Photo: Seletti

Flower arrangement is a pastime that can help calm your body and thoughts, and tap into your creativity – especially when you are arranging them in a uniquely shaped vase. Seletti’s Blood in Bloom giant vase is inspired by “a big heart in life” and may just be what hopeless romantics need in the home.

Alanui blanket

Alanui – Surrounded by the Ocean Blanket. Photo: Alanui

There is nothing more comfortable than resting at home wrapped in a blanket during this winter season. This blanket from Alanui is made with regenerated cashmere and wool, which requires five hours to knit and three hours to assemble. With a weight of 1.75kg, it can give you warmth and a full sense of security.

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La Perla pyjamas

La Perla – Silk long Pyjamas with Dusty Blue Florals. Photo: La Perla

Wrap yourself up in La Perla’s long pyjama set with prints made of pure silk and satin materials. Its charming floral motif makes this nightwear endlessly appealing. With a relaxed cut, you can sleep in any position without feeling any tightness throughout the night.

Lush Bath & Body gift box

Lush – Relax More. Photo: Lush

Let an indulgent bubble bath take away your tiredness. This box of 10 handmade gifts includes sleep-scented products for ultimate relaxation. Put the bath bombs into warm waters; lather up for a calming cleanse or glide a massage bar over your body to soften skin and relax your senses. Each of them is pampering for a busy mind.

Sunnei pillow

A visually pleasing home can rejuvenate the soul. This colourful knit pillow from Sunnei will give any room that extra oomph. Made with 100 per cent wool and cotton from Italy, you will feel its soft touch like never before. The lining was designed to be easily removed so that you don’t have to worry about keeping it fresh and clean.

Aēsop Spa

Aēsop Gough Street. Photo: Aēsop

Visit the Aēsop store on Gough Street for a facial treatment to relieve stress. Before treatment, never miss a tailored consultation with your therapist to find the best programme for your skin. Choose from six different treatments that include balance, stimulation and intensely nourishment of your skin.

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