5 best healing crystals for Leo

From 23 July to 22 August, the sun is in Leo. Represented by the lion and ruled by the sun, Leos are the natural leaders of the zodiac. They are vivacious, dramatic and outgoing individuals who live life to the fullest and radiate a bright energy that lights up a room. 

Leos are renowned for their stability, consistency, hard-working nature and fearlessness, traits which make them such great leaders. These fire signs love to be in control. They thrive on power and attention and are very aware of their own magnificence. But, don’t ask Leo’s to be any other way. Their drive to be the best stems from the need to prove their self-worth.

There is a side to Leo that can be very competitive and overpowering. Other challenges Leos face is keeping their arrogant and egotistical behaviour in check. When out of balance Leo’s can be manipulative, jealous or overly dramatic. They may also struggle with self-doubt and tend to hide their insecurities behind a hard exterior. 

These five crystals will help Leo find emotional balance and improve their weaknesses, especially during Leo season when energies are much more intense than any other time of year. It’s important to note that, although these crystals have a special connection with Leo, anyone can benefit from their healing properties regardless of their zodiac sign.


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Peridot is the birthstone of August and the main stone for Leo – this green gemstone has long been considered a powerful protection stone and was used as a talisman in ancient times to ward off evil spirits. This heart chakra activating stone radiates love, compassion and forgiveness opening the heart to joy and new relationships. It clears burdens, guilt, shame or obsessions and empowers one to take responsibility for their actions, admit mistakes, learn the lessons and move on.

Peridot eases Leo’s stubbornness, teaching them to be more compassionate and understanding towards others, balances their egotistical habits and instils a greater sense of humility. Peridot is particularly beautiful when polished as faceted gemstones or cabochons. Wear a peridot as a necklace to keep it close to the heart chakra. 


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Carnelian is a stone of vitality, endurance and leadership. Its bold energy works with the three lower chakras to ignite motivation, promote courage and stimulate creativity. Carnelian instils unwavering faith in your abilities and empowers you to take action towards your goals. It raises self-confidence, calms envy or jealousy and helps one feel more stability and content in their life.

Physically, it is believed to stimulate the metabolism, balance the health of the reproductive organs and promote fertility. Carnelian complements Leo’s confident and enthusiastic character, reduces their excessive ego and promotes a healthy balance of pride and modesty. Carry carnelian close to your lower chakras when you want a boost of energy, creativity or motivation.


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Often referred to as fool’s gold Pyrite has long been associated with wealth, money and abundance. This shimmery golden nugget is known to bring prosperity, opportunity and protection. It dispels negative energies and clears electromagnetic pollution from electrical devices (such as TV’s, WiFi routers and computers) It also helps one see beyond facades – expanding perception and sharpening awareness so you can detect negative vibes and stay well away.

As a solar plexus chakra stone, pyrite charges us with feelings of being enough, whole, abundant and never lacking. Leo’s love to be at the centre of everything – including drama fuelled situations. Pyrite offers energetic protection for them and also dispels any fears they have of how others see them. Place pyrite near electrical devices to protect from EMF pollution; in the area of your home associated with wealth to call in abundance or hold it at the solar plexus chakra to increase confidence and feelings of self-worth. 


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Sunstone radiates positivity, joy and vitality and is known as a stone to good luck and fortune. It’s high vibrational energies supercharge all of the chakras in the energetic body – especially the sacral chakra. Sunstone encourages independence, originality, self-discovery and shines light on our inner gifts so we can step into our power. It boosts confidence, sparks creativity and helps one feel more connected to their purpose.

It is one of the best stones for Leo due to its strong connection to the Sun, the planetary ruler of Leo.  While generally confident, Leos have a hard time accepting criticism and suffer from issues of self-doubt. Sunstone amplifies Leo’s fearlessness and natural leadership qualities whilst easing their insecurities or self-doubt. Carry sunstone with you to promote personal power and courage.


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Amber is not actually a crystal but fossilised resin from trees that are 30-60 million years old. This honey-coloured organic gemstone is a stone of health, benevolence and purification. Amber is a deeply warming solar plexus and sacral chakra stone that increases motivation, creativity and self-belief as it propels you forward with positive energy. It is widely known as a natural purifier as it cleanses spaces removing negativity from its surroundings.

Physically, amber is thought to accelerate the body’s natural healing process and draw out pain or disease from the body. Amber is a great ally for Leos as it assists them to balance their emotions, filter out negative thoughts and promote decisiveness. To heal with amber try holding a piece at your sacral chakra to release inherited ancestral karmas; on your solar plexus chakra to encourage life force energy or wear amber as a necklace for energetic protection. 

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