In conversation with Lucy Vincent, founder of Sans [ceuticals]

Photo: Sans [ceuticals]

Kick start the new year with a fresh mindset on how you consume products. Lucy Vincent, the founder of New Zealand-based conscious beauty brand Sans [ceuticals], walks us through her “less is more” approach towards product development and insight on pushing the sustainable codes.

Photo: Sans [ceuticals]

Not many are aware that slabbing on too many products in one go can cause inflammation and skin sensitivity. How can people simplify their skincare regime?

Great skin doesn’t need to be complicated – in fact, it shouldn’t be, but modern beauty products often over-complicate the path to getting it. With the increase in excessive regimens, dermatologists are increasingly warning that people are doing too much to their skin. Instead, just a few well-calibrated products containing proven potent actives – formulated to avoid sensitising skin or disrupting its crucial barrier function – can replace a whole (expensive) cabinet full of products.

It’s good to understand your skin type and what you need it to do. If you have sensitive skin, cleansing once a day with a gentle cleanser and steering clear intensive actives. Niacinamide is great for sensitive skin while boosting hydration and cellular development. 

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You are continually upgrading your sustainable mission, and one of your goals is to introduce refillable solutions soon. Could you share with us how you think this is scalable? 

Yes, sustainability is core to our brand. We have been working on a new generation formulation and packaging concept that is zero waste and refillable at home. We are so thrilled and excited to be launching in 2021. Unfortunately, that’s all I’m allowed to give away at the moment.

Photo: Sans [ceuticals]

Besides ready-made products, you also offer a personal prescription service. What is the process like, and what has been the feedback so far? 

I spent 20 years of my life as a professional hairdresser and was fascinated with trichology (the science of hair). Understanding this has enabled me to help my clients with problematic hair conditions by using specific ingredients and homecare techniques. Helping someone who has battled frizzy, curly hair all their life to having smooth, gorgeous locks was such a good feeling. Over the years, I would see so many professionals prescribe the wrong products to their clients, resulting in average outcomes and dissatisfaction.

This taught me that knowledge, diagnosis, and targeted ingredients were critical for good results. For good hair and skincare to work, it all comes down to type and suitability. While one kind requires more oil, another can require more moisture (water). When the skin and hair are fed precisely the right elements, it has the opportunity to truly shine. That is why we created a diagnostic tool that, via funneling information, narrows down types and requirements to help give exceptional results. The feedback has been gratifying so far.

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Tell us more about your latest product, a bio-active liquid-based face treatment that claims to do wonders for the skin. What potent ingredients do you leverage on?

Our Superdose Luminosity Masque is an absolute game-changer. Loaded with medical grade Mānuka honey, brightening vitamin C, healing vitamin B and 5% lactic acid, this product is engineered to increase skin radiance while gently resurfacing the skin to enable vital delivery nutrients. This lays the foundation for great skin, as increasing cell turnover kickstarts that healthy glow and prepares the skin to be more receptive to the actives in good quality skincare applied afterward.

It has also become a multifunctional miracle as it is excellent on Keratosis Pilaris and hard rough skin on elbows and heels. We’ve even had an overwhelming amount of feedback from our customers on how effective it has been for eradicating their “maskne.”

Photo: Sans [ceuticals]

Have your collaborations with New Zealand’s top scientists and cell biologists influenced you to use more local ingredients? 

I have been fortunate to work with some of the industry’s best scientists. One of them was a client of mine and is a dear friend leading a team in the field of cancer at one of New Zealand’s leading universities. We spent many mornings working through ingredients, preservatives, and how they interact with cells during inception. This informed our development framework and how we go about our formulating today.

During these unprecedented times, how are you giving back to your local community? 

Yes, what a year! We embraced the spirit of generosity and throughout the pandemic gave away thousands of bars of soap, with the philosophy of ‘share with someone in need’. After lockdown, we supplied complimentary hand sanitiser to local businesses to help with new imposed restrictions and safety.

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